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Invest in Canadian mortgages for a great return

Have you thought about investing in mortgages?  Most people haven't, and you may be missing out on a great opportunity to maximize your investment returns.  Does 12% return interest you?

Let's look at the conventional money instruments and their returns.  You can take your disposable income and put it in a GIC or bond at your bank.  You might make a couple of percent.  If you just leave it in your savings account, maybe you'll make a quarter of one percent.

If you talk to your investment broker, he may be able to get you into a portfolio that may yield a return of 5%.  Of course, that depends on the market, and your broker will want 2.5% or so

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Now let's look at mortgages. 

You are probably familiar with the returns that banks make on mortgages.  You see their rates posted all of the time.  They may make 3-5%, depending on the term of the mortgage.

But not all borrowers can qualify at a conventional bank. Canadian banks have many guidelines and regulations that govern who they can lend money to.  For example, if a borrower's credit is not good enough, or they don't earn enough income, or the property is in an area that the bank doesn't lend in, they make be declined for the loan or mortgage.

That is where private lenders can fill the void.  A private lender is an individual who has extra money to lend to a borrower.  (ie that could be you).  Borrowers who don't qualify at a bank are not necessarily bad risks.  They may need the money to purchase a house, or pay off some bills, or send a son to college, or go on a vacation.  The list of reasons is almost endless.

And the security they can offer you (the private lender) is their house (called property).  And we always make sure that the private lender is protected by insisting that the borrower can't borrow more than 70% of the value of their house.  This protects the lender from any fluctuations that may occur in the marketplace over the course of the next 1-2 years.

The normal term for a private lender mortgage is one year.  And the loan is usually an "interest only" mortgage, which means that the borrower pays only on the interest component of the loan, and none of the payments go towards reducing the principal.

So let's look at some actual numbers.  Let's say that a borrower owns a $200,000 property, and they currently have a $100,000 first mortgage.  They need 25,000 to pay off some pressing bills.

So you would lend them 25,000, secured and registered as a second mortgage against the property.  The term would be one year, and you would receive a 12% interest payment every month.  That works out to 250/mo.  After one year, the borrower must pay you back the entire principal borrowed, which is 25,000, and you have earned $3000 in interest payments.

Now that is a much better return than the bank can offer, and it's very secure.

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